Pro Sharon 5

 44,95 per m2

The Pro Sharon 5 PVC has a stunning natural stone look. The authentic-looking stone structure in this medium/dark floor is ideal for modern industrial interiors

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Pro Sharon 5

The large Pro Sharon 5 tiles of TFD allow you to create a natural stone look in any space, without the practical disadvantages of a natural product. This user-friendly floor is easy to maintain and features an extra heard-wearing PU top layer, like all our PVC floors.

The authentic-looking stone structure in this medium/dark floor is ideal for modern industrial interiors. The Pro Sharon 5 is timeless and establishes a stylish foundation for any interior.

The Pro Sharon 5 is a glue-down floor

Glue-down floors, which are also referred to as dryback floors, are PVC floor panels that are glued on even sub-floors. Once the sub-floor has been levelled, and is stable and extremely smooth, glue can be applied and the PVC floor panels can be installed.

Natural TFD

Sustainability, safety, public health and the environment are given the very highest priority at TFD Floortile.

As a result, TFD only supplies completely safe PVC floors featuring the required safety certificates (DiBt Ü-Zeichen certificate & CE certification from TÜV Rheinland), which means they comply with the strictest norms.

All our floors are made using Virgin PVC’s. They are pure, high-grade PVC’s which have not been mixed with lower grade PVC’s. These PVC floors can thus be recycled.

All our PVC floors are produced without using phthalates as plasticisers. Instead, we have opted for alternatives that have proven to be safe for public health and the environment.


TFD floors are a conscious decision
Easy to maintain
100% recyclable
Phthalate-free plasticisers
Moisture and dirt resistant
Suitable for under-floor heating and cooling

Product specifications
Total thickness
2,5 mm
Protective layer
0,55 mm
457 x 914 mm
Rim Side
4 sides
Dark, Average
Package content
3,34 m2
Number of planks in a pack content
8 planks
Warranty private
15 Years
Warranty professional
8 Years

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